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12 January 2017

Cameron is a breath of fresh air

Many who have met Cameron have continually asked to see her again. She is one for travelling around a lot so unfortunately there have been a few disappointed people who have had their requests turned down due to her being in another part of the world. Well now is your chance to make a date with this lovely young blonde and see why she is in high demand. All her travelling means she has a lot to talk about and is very interesting and knowledgeable. Recently she has returned from Morocco and before that had visited a lot of Europe. During her time in London she loves to attend music festivals and gigs so if you are looking for someone to go with she would welcome a date of this kind, her music tastes are varied. Of course she enjoys dining out in restaurants although she is vegetarian so a rib-shack may limit what she can choose from! But if having a relaxed time with someone you can talk with is of high importance (being Australian, English is her first language of course) then Cameron is a top choice. She is available in London through mid-January before her travels take her elsewhere so don't delay in booking her.