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24 November 2016

Maria in detail

​When you combine the looks of a model with the fun attitude of a party girl you have a recipe for success as an escort. This is what Maria processes and it's what makes her great to be with. At nearly six foot tall yet still feminine and exquisitely beautiful she is incredibly impressive and imposing. Her looks have earned her a spell on the cover of Playboy magazine and other glamour publications. As with most of our ladies, she is well travelled and her work has taken her around the world to luxurious locations including being an F1 pit model. As you can imagine, she is a huge fan of designer wear and great restaurants but she is very down-to-earth and friendly. You are guaranteed to have a giggle with Maria as she thrives in creating a fun atmosphere which you will be comfortable in and she does her very best to make you enjoy yourself. The perfect choice for parties, Maria loves being the centre of attention and will last well into the night. She is incredibly sweet-natured and will reward any guest with unforgettable memories. If you would like to see her in London she is here until 22nd December or otherwise bookings in Budapest and international trips (minimum 1 day) can be arranged.