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11 November 2016

Why you should see one of our ladies

Having the strictest vetting procedures to become an Angel of Mayfair means that we can be confident the lady you meet will not disappoint. After all where is the value in booking an elite escort if you cannot be sure how good the experience will be? So allow me to explain how we do this. Every lady on here has been met face to face and then an interview detailing their likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests is conducted. Everything from restaurants, clothing style and favourite talking points are discussed so that when you call to enquire about a particular girl you like there is as much information to hand as possible. During the meeting we get an idea of what makes her tick and if she is escorting for the right reasons. Our ladies are all healthy and in the right frame of mind; they have an outlook on their careers and lives that is right for this line of work. You can be sure that any lady you meet through Angels of Mayfair is happy with their situation and thrilled to have the opportunity to meet you. Furthermore they are only available at the rates you find here and will not be found offering their services anywhere for less. Such fine ladies are worth their weight in gold and you will feel the same way after spending time in their company.